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  Without a doubt, Our Lady, the Virgin Mary, is the most powerful woman in history.


  During her apparitions, Our Lady has very effectively demonstrated the Power, Wisdom and Merciful Tenderness given to her by the Holy Trinity.  Some examples include:

· Miraculous healing springs of water appearing seemingly out of nowhere (La Salette, Fatima, Lourdes, Gietrzwald, Castelpetroso, Itapiranga);

· Warnings and prophesies made and many fulfilled (Quito, Paris, La Salette, Fatima, Amsterdam, Betania, Cuapa, Kibeho, San Nicolas);

· An image on a tilma that has lasted for centuries without decay (Guadalupe);

· The Miracle of the Sun happening at the exact day and time as promised (Fatima);

· A Medal that has proven to be truly miraculous (Paris);

· Bodies of 3 visionaries exhumed many years after their death and found to be incorrupt (Quito and Lourdes and Fatima);

· An image of Our Lady in the sky that saved a town and country (Pontmain);

· An image in the sky of Our Lady with St. Joseph, St. John the Apostle, an altar and a lamb (Knock);

· and so many more that will be explained as you read and study the 30 Marian Apparitions included within.

  Likewise, Our Lady has given us and made us promises for performing special devotions and prayers including but not limited to the Rosary, the Brown Scapular, the Miraculous Medal and Five First Saturdays devotion.

  Are the End Times upon us?  Is our Time of Grace about over?


  If we convert as asked by Our Lady, and if we pick up and use her five stones (Prayer, Fasting, Mass and Eucharist, Bible, and Reconciliation), as David used his stones to slay Goliath, we truly have nothing to fear because we can then take comfort that there is indeed a place waiting for us in Heaven.


  God bless.









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