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OTHER TITLES: The Blessed Virgin Mary, Immaculately Conceived

VISIONARY: Justyna Snafrynska (13), Barbara Samulowska (12)


 FIRST APPARITION: June 27, 1877

 LAST APPARITION: September 16, 1877

​ APPROVED: 1977

 FEAST DAY: September 8

 "The devil instigates lying, and one who swears falsely

is not worthy to go to Heaven. 

Satan celebrates, prowling like a hungry dog

to the ends of the world to devour people through this vice."



  Out of this lesser known but fully approved Marian appearance came another scapular. And this time Our Lady did not appear to children but to an unmarried thirty-two-year-old woman.


  It is remarkable that the apparitions of Pellevoisin are not more widely known. Our Lady covered a large number of subjects, and her words deserve close study. A series of sermons could be preached on every sentence Our Lady uttered at Pellevoisin.


Our Lady’s Important Words at Pellevoisin


  “I wish you to publish my glory”, she said. Mary, the maid of Nazareth, was the humblest of creatures. When we reflect upon the matter we realize it is not for her own sake that she wishes this; it is for our sake. She wishes to become better known that she might lead us to her Son.


  “If my Son has allowed Himself to be prevailed upon, it is because of your resignation and patience.”


  “I am all merciful.  Your good works and fervent prayers have touched my mother’s heart.


  “One can be saved in every state (of life).”


  “What afflicts me most is the want of respect shown by some people to my divine Son in Holy Communion and the attitude taken for prayer when at the same time the mind continues occupied with other things. I say this for people who pretend to be pious.”


  “His heart bears so much love for me, that He cannot refuse me any requests.”


  “I come especially for the conversion of sinners.”


  “For a long time the treasures of my Son have been open; let them pray.”


  “I love this devotion,” she said of the Scapular of the Sacred Heart.


  “And France, what have I not done for her? How many warnings, and yet she has refused to listen! I can no longer restrain my Son. France will suffer.”


Our Lady’s Warnings to France


  “I can no longer restrain my Son”, Our Lady said at Pellevoisin. France had indeed been given many warnings, and many punishments had come. Her Son had allowed Himself to be touched during the Franco-Prussian War, but now only five years later, France was offending Him again. These words are strikingly similar to the words Our Lady had used at La Salette.


Our Lady’s Choice of Visionaries


  “I choose the little ones and the weak for my glory,” Our Lady also said at Pellevoisin. We know how true this is when we consider the persons to whom she had appeared to inlcuding Estelle herself, Catherine Laboure, Sister Bisqueyburu, the two cowherds of La Salette, Bernadette of Lourdes, the simple villagers of Pontmain, the shepherd children of Fatima. No one who was rich or powerful or high in the world’s esteem. Always, “the little ones and the weak.”


Our Lady’s Graces


  At Paris, Our Lady had pictured her graces as rays of light; at Pellevoisin, she showed them as drops of rain. Both figures represent her role as Mediatrix of All Graces and emphasize the fact that she is ready to shower her graces on all of us. All we need do is ask.




  Estelle Faguette was born on September 12, 1843, in a small inn at St Memmie, near Chalons in Champagne, France. Her parents, Victor and Antoine, were employed as janitors, and Estelle and her older sister were educated by the Sisters of Portieux until, in 1857, her family was forced to move to Paris to find other work. Here, Estelle worked as laundress until, at age seventeen, she could serve the Sisters of St. Vincent de Paul by attending to the poor at their hospice. A generally frail girl, Estelle became seriously ill for the first time in 1858, but eventually recovered. She entered the novitiate of the Augustinian Hospitallers of the Hotel Dieu in Paris two years later, but another spate of poor health forced her to forego the religious life.


  In 1865, Estelle was hired as a lady’s maid to the Countess La Rochefoucald. She enjoyed steady employment until, near the end of May, 1875, she became dangerously ill and was no longer able to work. The good Countess, however, pulled the necessary strings to have Estelle admitted to the hospital of the Augustinian nuns on Oudinot Street, where she was diagnosed with acute peritonitis and tuberculosis. When she did not improve after almost two months, the Countess brought the poor woman to their Chateau in Poiriers, near Pellevoisin, in the Diocese of Bourges, hoping that the fresh country air and sunshine would help her recover. By August, however, Estelle's physician confided to the Countess that the patient was slowly wasting away and a recovery at this advanced stage was impossible. Estelle, however, already knew a cure by natural or medical means was out of reach, and began making several novenas. By the start of September the dying woman realized that Divine help was apparently not forthcoming either, so she wrote a letter addressed to the Blessed Virgin Mary--her “last will” as she called it--and asked a friend of the Countess to bury it under the stones beneath the statue of Our Lady of Lourdes at the new grotto in the park at Poiriers.


  Estelle persevered until the December 18th when she was overcome with a severe attack that seemed certain to be the end of her. The Last Sacraments were administered, and she received them with the greatest resignation. Still alive by the end of January, 1876, the La Rochefoucaulds, who were obliged to return to Paris, had Estelle moved to a house they owned in Pellevoisin, where Estelle’s parents came to care for her. By February 10th, cavities had developed in her chest, she was unable to keep down any nourishment, and was given only hours to live. Although she was in a terrible agony,  Estelle remained perfectly conscious, and was completely resigned to die.




First Apparition


  On Monday, February 14th, Countess de La Rochefoucauld, in Paris, lit candles for Estelle at Our Lady of Victories, and at the altar of Our Lady of Lourdes at the Gesa. That night, between the 14th and the 15th, Estelle was awakened by the devil appearing at the foot of her bed. Horrified at his hideousness, she started to recoil when the Blessed Virgin herself appeared at the opposite corner of the bed. Seeing Our Lady, the devil drew back, dragging the curtain and the iron rod of the bed, terrifying Estelle all the more. "What brings you here?"


  The Mother of God addressed him sharply, "Do you not see that she wears my livery, and that of my Son?" (Estelle had been enrolled as a Child of Mary at the age of fourteen and wore the Immaculate Conception Medal) Gesticulating wildly, the devil vanished. Our Lady turned her beautiful eyes on Estelle and said: "Fear nothing you are my daughter. Have courage, be patient; my Son will allow Himself to be prevailed upon. You will suffer five days longer in honor of the Five Wounds of my Son. On Saturday you will either be dead or cured. If my Son restores you to life, I wish you to publish my glory·"


  After protesting about her insignificance, Estelle saw between the Virgin and herself a slab of white marble, which she recognized as an ex-voto (object left as an offering in fulfillment of a vow or in gratitude, as for recovery from an illness or injury). "But my good Mother, where shall put it? In Our Lady of Victories in Paris, or at Pellevoisin." Our Lady stopped her and said: "At Our Lady of Victories they have sufficient proof of my power, whereas at Pellevoisin they have none. They require a stimulus. Have courage; I wish you to keep your promise;" then she disappeared.


Second Apparition


  The devil reappeared the next night—further away this time—followed immediately by Our Lady. "Do not be afraid, l am here. This time my Son has allowed Himself to be prevailed upon. He grants you life. On Saturday you will be cured". Estelle said, "But my good Mother, if I had my choice, I would prefer to die, now that I am fully prepared.” Smiling, Our Lady replied, "Ungrateful one, if my Son restores you to life it is because it is necessary to you. What has He given to man more precious than life? In being restored to life, do not believe that you will be exempt from suffering; no, you will suffer, you will not be exempt from sorrow. That is what makes life meritorious. If my Son has been moved, it is on account of your great resignation and your patience. Do not lose the fruit thereof by your own choice. Have I not told you if He restores you to life, you will publish my glory?”


  Estelle saw the ex-voto again, except beside it now was a stack of white silk paper that equalled it in thickness. Estelle tried to lift up a few sheets of this paper, but could not do so. Smiling sweetly, the Virgin continued, “Now, let us look at the past.” Our Lady’s face became sorrowful as Estelle saw the sins of her past life bared out before her, and the visionary became confounded; for what she had thought had only been small faults, were actually otherwise from God’s perspective and the Blessed Virgin reproached the woman severely for them. Estelle was so overwhelmed by the revelation of her sins that she was unable to beg for mercy, although she fervently longed to. Our Lady looked kindly upon her, and, without saying another word, disappeared, leaving Estelle to mourn over her miserableness for the rest of the night.


Third Apparition


  The third night the devil returned, but was so far away this time that Estelle could hardly distinguish him. Our Lady then appeared, saying: "Come now, take courage, my child." Estelle, however, trembled in the Virgin's presence, her conscience still stinging greatly from her soul's illumination the night before and her Heavenly Mother’s stern reproaches. Our Lady proceeded to reprove Estelle again, but this time so sweetly that Estelle was reassured. “All this is passed," Our Lady said, "By your resignation you have expiated these faults.”


  Estelle then saw some good works she had performed, but they were few beside her multiple sins. Perceiving her anxiety, the Virgin continued: “I am all-merciful, and the mistress of my Son. These good works and some fervent prayers have touched my mother’s Heart. Among others, that little letter you wrote to me in the month of September. What moved me was the phrase: ‘See the sorrow of my parents. If I fail them they are on the eve of begging their bread. Remember, then, what thou didst suffer when thy Son Jesus was stretched our upon the Cross.’ I have shown that letter to my Son. Your parents have need of you; for the future try to be faithful. Do not lose the graces which are

given to you, and publish my glory.”


Fourth Apparition

  The fourth night Our Lady appeared alone, but was silent while the scenes and words of the previous nights passed vividly through Estelle’s mind. When everything ended, Our Lady said, “You will publish my glory. Make every effort,” and then disappeared.

Fifth Apparition


  The fifth night's visitation was particularly beautiful, and Estelle, in her writings, described it thus: "The Blessed Virgin did not remain at the foot of my bed. She approached to the middle of my curtains. My God, how beautiful she was! She remained a long time silent and motionless, standing in the midst of a clear vapor...She was smiling, she reminded me of my promises. I once more saw the marble slab, but this time it was no longer white. In the four comers there were golden rosebuds. In the highest part, a golden Heart emitting flames, trans pierced with a sword and surrounded by a crown of roses. These words were inscribed on it: 'I called upon Mary with sorrow replete; From her Son she obtained my recovery complete.—Estelle F.' I promised her again to do all in my power for her glory.”


  She said to me, “If you want to serve me, be simple, and let your actions correspond to your words.” I asked her if, in order to serve her, it were necessary to change my state in life? She replied: “One can be saved in any state. Where you are, you can do a great deal of good and you can publish my glory. What most afflicts me is the want of respect shown to my Son in Holy Communion, and the attitude of prayer, taken by many when the mind is occupied with other things. I say this for people who pretend to be pious”.


  I asked her if l should repeat what she had just said. The Blessed Virgin answered, “Yes, yes, publish my glory, but before doing so, await the advice of your confessor and director, for people will endeavor to entrap you. They will treat you as a visionary, as a person of disordered imagination, as a fool; but pay no attention to all that. Be faithful to me; I will assist you.”


  I gazed long upon her...By degrees she vanished, till only the soft light which surrounded her remained. This, too, soon faded away...l was in intense pain; but l recollect perfectly holding my rosary in my left hand, having lost the use of my right. I offered my sufferings to Almighty God. I did not know that they were the last of (my) illness. After having rested a little I felt quite well. I felt that I was cured except for my right arm, which I did not regain use of until after I had (later) received Holy Communion. Oh, what thanksgiving do I not owe thee, my good heavenly Mother!


Sixth Apparition


  The sixth apparition did not take place until Saturday, July 1, 1876. By now enjoying exuberant health—indeed, her doctor and her family testified she was now in better health than she ever was before she had even become sick. Estelle knelt to pray by the fireplace before retiring, when Our Lady appeared unexpectedly. Without the bed blocking her view, Estelle saw her complete figure from head to foot. Our Lady's bare feet touched the floor, and she was dressed completely in white, with her veil falling in three folds, just as before. Her arms were outstretched and from her hands fell drops like rain. She was looking at something beyond Estelle at first, then taking one of the tassels of her cincture, raised it to her breast, on which she crossed her hands. Smiling, she looked at Estelle, saying, "Be calm, my child, have patience; you will have sorrows, but I will be with you." Our Lady then let the tassel fall from her hands. "Courage, I will come again." Then she slowly faded away as before.


Seventh Apparition


  Sunday, July 2, the Feast of the Visitation, Our Lady appeared the same way as the previous night, with drops of rain falling from her hands, but with an added feature: a wreath of roses now surrounded her like an oval frame. After remaining silently thus for a time, the Virgin crossed her hands over her breast and said, "You have already published my glory." (Here Our Lady confided a secret to Estelle that has never been revealed.) "Continue to do so. My Son has also some souls more attached to Him. His Heart has so much love for Mine that He cannot refuse me any requests. Through me, He will touch the most hardened hearts."


  Estelle asked about the silk paper she had seen in the apparitions of February 15th and 16th. Our Lady replied: "It will serve to publish this recital in the manner several of my servants think it ought to be done. There will be much opposition, but fear nothing—be calm."


  Estelle mentally wished to ask Our Lady to demonstrate her power, but couldn't bring herself to speak. Our Lady, knowing her thoughts, answered: "Is not your cure one of the greatest proofs of my power? I have come especially for the conversion of sinners." Our Lady disappeared, leaving the wreath of roses and the halo of light to remain some time longer before these too faded away.

Eighth Apparition


  Our Lady appeared briefly for the eighth time the following night, surrounded by the frame of roses. Tenderly, she said, "I would wish that you were still more calm. I have not disclosed to you the day nor hour on which I intend to return. You require rest. I will remain only a few minutes."


  When Estelle desired to express her wishes to her, Our Lady smiled and said, "I have come to end the Feast," and then disappeared. (The Feast referred to here was the Feast of the Coronation of Our Lady of Lourdes celebrated that day.)

Ninth Apparition


  On Saturday, September 9, 1876, Our Lady looked around in silence before speaking, "You deprived yourself of my visit on the fifteenth of August because you were not sufficiently calm. You have indeed the French character, wishing to know all before learning, and to understand all before knowing. I would have come to you yesterday, also, but again, you deprived yourself of my visit. I have been waiting for this act of submission and obedience from you."


  After a pause, Our Lady continued "For a long time the Treasures of my Son have been open.  Let them pray." As she said this, Our Lady raised a small piece of white woolen cloth which she wore on her breast, a feature Estelle had always seen but didn't give much attention to since its whiteness blended in with the rest of the garments. This time, however, Estelle saw a red Heart in distinct relief, and realized it was a Scapular of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. "I love this Devotion," Our Lady said tenderly, "It is here I will be honored." Then she disappeared.


Tenth Apparition


  The following day, the Feast of the Holy Name of Mary, Our Lady appeared briefly and, joining her hands, said, "Let them pray; I show them the example."


  The Scapular with the blood-red heart was vivid this time, and thus it would be for each of the remaining apparitions.


Eleventh Apparition


  On September 15th, Our Lady appeared with arms outstretched, the rain drops falling from her open hands. She remained a long time in silence, looking around the room, before discussing with Estelle certain things that referred only to the visionary. Then she went on, "I will remember the efforts you have made to be calm. It is not only for you I ask this, but also for the Church, and for France. In the Church there is not the calm I desire."


  She sighed and shook her head saying, "Something is the matter." Here she paused and Estelle understood that some discord was taking place within the Church. "Let them pray and let them have confidence in me," the Virgin continued. Her features then became extremely sorrowful. "And France! What have I not done for her? How many warnings, and nevertheless she still refuses to listen! I can no longer restrain my Son."


  Our Lady appeared deeply moved as she then said with great emphasis, "France will suffer." A short pause, then, "Courage and confidence." When Estelle thought no one would believe her if she reported all this, Our Lady reassured her. "I have arranged all before hand. So much the worse for those who may not be willing to believe you. Later on they will recognize the truth of my words." Then she disappeared.


Twelfth Apparition


  Our Lady came for the twelfth time on Wednesday, November 1st, Feast of All Saints, but was completely silent, contenting herself with gazing at something Estelle could not see, and then looking around the room before casting an expression of great kindness on Estelle and disappearing.

Thirteenth Apparition


  Our Lady appeared again on Sunday, November 5th, and Estelle reflected silently on how unworthy she was of these magnificent favors, when so many others were more deserving of them and could fulfill Our Lady's wishes better. Smiling at these thoughts, Our Lady said, "I have chosen you. I choose the little ones and the weak for my glory...Courage! The time of your trials is approaching." Crossing her hands over her breast, Our Lady disappeared.


Fourteenth Apparition


  On Saturday, November 11th, Estelle had made a Scapular modeled after Our Lady's, and feeling an impulse afterward went to her room to pray when the Blessed Virgin made her fourteenth appearance. Our Lady said something meant for Estelle alone, and then continued, "You have not lost your time today; you have worked for me. It will be necessary to make many more (of the scapulars)." She paused a long time, before becoming sad and saying, "Courage!" She crossed her hands over her breast, covering the Scapular from view, and disappeared.

Fifteenth Apparition


  The fifteenth and final apparition took place on December 8th, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. After high Mass, the Blessed Virgin appeared surrounded by the wreath of roses as she had in July. She remained silent for some time before saying "Recall to mind all my words."


  At that instant everything Our Lady had said and shown Estelle from the very first apparition was made present to the woman. When this finished, Our Lady said, "My child, remember my words.  Repeat them often. May they strengthen and console you in your trials. You will see me no more."


  "What will become of me without you, my good Mother?" Estelle exclaimed.


  "I will be invisibly near you," Our Lady replied. Estelle then saw in the distance, to the left of Our Lady, an angry crowd threatening her and making angry gestures, and she became frightened.  The Virgin smiled, "You have nothing to fear from these. I have chosen you to publish my glory, and to spread this Devotion."


  Our Lady held her Scapular out with both hands. "Arise, and kiss it." Our Lady bent towards her, and the woman rose and kissed it reverently, a moment that surpassed any she had experienced so far. Our Lady straightened, and indicating the Scapular, said, "You will go and see the Prelate. You will present to him the model scapular you have made. Tell him that he is to help you with all his power, and that nothing will be more acceptable to me than to see this livery on each one of my children, and that they all must endeavor to repair the outrages received by my Son in the Sacrament of His Love. See the graces I bestow on those who will wear it with confidence, and who will assist you in propagating it."


  The Blessed Virgin stretched out her hands, and from them fell an abundant rain, each drop of which indicated a particular grace—piety, salvation, confidence, conversion, health—literally, every kind of grace imaginable for the good of the soul. "These graces are from my Son," Our Lady explained, "I take them from His Heart. He can refuse me nothing."


  Estelle asked her what image should appear on the other side of the Scapular. The Virgin replied "I reserve it for myself; you will submit your thought, and the Church will decide. Courage! Should (the Prelate) not be able to grant your request, and should any difficulties arise, you will go further. Fear nothing. I will assist you."


Our Lady disappeared for the last time.






  A canonical investigation into the apparitions was opened before the year was out, and in June, 1877, the Confraternity of Our Lady of Pellevoisin, Mother All-Merciful, was established by the Archbishop of Bourges. Estelle's room was soon afterwards converted into a chapel and solemnly



  On July 3, 1893, Pope Leo XIII accepted with great joy a statue of Our Lady of Pellevoisin, and had it enshrined at the Convent of the Sisters of the Precious Blood in his hometown of Carpineto.


  On May 8, 1894, the Pontiff approved the Confraternity the Archconfraternity of Our Mother All Merciful of Pellevoisin.




  Estelle Faguette eventually became a Third Order Dominican, and died on August 23, 1929, at age 85. The bitter trials foretold by Our Lady came to pass. About 1900, the whole story of Pellevoisin was bitterly attacked, and this caused Estelle much anguish. Long afterward, the man behind the attack confessed and retracted. Estelle lived until 1929. She was laid to rest in the cemetery in Pellevoisin.  To the very end, Estelle remained steadfast in her faith in the apparitions and message of Our Lady.  Curiously, although the apparitions and cult of Our Lady of Pellevoisin had long been approved, it was not until September 8, 1983, that Archbishop Pau Vignancour of Bourges officially declared the extraordinary cure Estelle had received at the beginning of the apparition as "total permanent, and




  The Congregation of Rites approved the Scapular of the Sacred Heart in a decree dated April 4, 1900. The Scapular received official approval from the Pope himself in April, 1900 and has also been enriched with special indulgences.


  The rights concerning the scapular were conferred on the Superior-General of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate, with the power of delegating those rights not only to priests of his congregation but to all others who might apply for them.


  The Scapular Our Lady requested bears, in its final form, the Image of the Sacred Heart on one end and Our Lady of Pellevoisin on the other, according to the model approved by His Eminence Cardinal Boyer, Archbishop of Bourges.



Garabandal Journal July-August 2011; Pellevoisin, Marc Conza; One of the lesser known approved

appearances of Our Lady

The Woman Shall Conquer; by Don Sharkey

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