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  The name given to the woman at many of the apparitions begins with "Our Lady of" and ends with the name of the location where she appeared.  These apparitions include the following: 

1578 - Lejajsk, Poland - “Our Lady of Lejajsk”

1608 - Siluva, Lithuania - “Our Lady of Siluva"

1664 - Laus, France - “Our Lady of Laus”

1846 - La Salette, France - "Our Lady of La Salette”

1886 - Pellevoisin, France) - “Our Lady of Pellevoisin”

1877 - Gietrzwald, France - “Our Lady of Gietrzwald”

1879 - Knock, Ireland - “Our Lady of Knock"

1888 - Castelpetroso, Italy - “Our Lady of Castelpetroso”

1973 - Akita, Japan - “Our Lady of Akita”

1980 - Cuapa, Nicaragua - “Our Lady of Cuapa"

  At the following apparition locations, the name given to the woman begins with "Our Lady of" but ends differently than above.  These apparitions include the following:

1531 - Mexico City, Mexico -"Our Lady of Guadalupe"

1594 - Quito, Ecuador - "Our Lady of Good Success"

1652 - Querrien, France -"Our Lady of Eternal Aid"

1830 - Paris, France - "Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal"

1842 - Rome, Italy - "Our Lady of the Miracle"

1859 - Green Bay, Wisconsin - "Our Lady of Good Help"

1866 - Filippsdorf, Czech Republic - "Our Lady Help of Christians"

1871 - Pontmain, France - "Our Lady of Hope"

1917 - Fatima, Portugal - "Our Lady of the Rosary"

1932 - Beauraing, Belgium - "Our Lady of the Golden Heart"

1961 - Garabandal, Spain - "Our Lady of Mount Carmel"

1973 - San Nicolas, Argentina - "Our Lady of the Rosary"

  And, at the following locations, Our Lady actually revealed herself with a unique name from all of the above in that they do not begin with "Our Lady":

1729 - Montagnaga, Italy - "Madonna of Montagnaga"

1858 - Lourdes, France - "The Immaculate Conception"

1933 - Banneux, Belgium - "Virgin of the Poor"

1845 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - "The Lady of All Nations"

1976 - Betania, Venezuela - "Reconciler of People and Nations"

1981 - Kibeho, Rwanda, Africa - "Mother of the Word"

1981 - Medjugorje, Herzecovina - "Queen of Peace"

1994 - Itapiranga, Brazil - "Queen of the Rosary"

  Because the visionaries at Medjugorje refer to the woman appearing to them as Our Lady, that is the name by which she primarily will be called in our website. We hope and pray that by studying the information contained within this website, all will grow in their knowledge, love, and appreciation for this magnificent woman we call Our Lady who is beloved not only because she is the Mother of God and our Blessed Mother, but also because of her Wisdom, her Power, and her Merciful Tenderness.

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