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 Our Lady made key references to Russia at Fatima, Portugal in 1917, at Amsterdam, the Netherlands in 1945, at Garabandal, Spain in 1961, and at Medjugorje in 1981. Our Lady’s words were, and are, every consequential, especially to our topsy turvy world of today.


Fatima, Portugal


 In her third apparition at Fatima on July 13, 1917, Our Lady warned the three visionaries that if people did not stop offending God, He would punish the world “by means of war, hunger and persecution of the Church and of the Holy Father,” using Russia as His chosen instrument of chastisement.


 Our Lady told the children that “to prevent this, I shall come to ask for the Consecration of Russia to My Immaculate Heart” and promised that, by this single public act, Russia would be converted and peace would be given to the world.


 The Mother of God cautioned that if Her requests ere not granted, “Russia will spread its errors throughout the world, raising up wars and persecutions of the Church. The good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer and various nations will be annihilated.”


Amsterdam, The Netherlands


At Amsterdam, the Netherlands in 1945, The Lady of All Nations (Our Lady) made reference to Russia when she said:

“With my hand I must go up and down above Formosa (Taiwan) and Korea…

‘The war in Korea is just an omen and the beginning of great misery,”

“The Russians will not leave it at that.”

“Russia will do everything with pretense.”

“Don’t play off your policies too far!”

Then she makes me (Ida Peederman) feel the Cross that also lies heavy over America and warns:

“America… Russia. It is coming nearer.”


  Our Lady’s apparitions at Amsterdam came while World War II (which Our Lady prophesied would occur) was raging. She came as “The Lady of All Nations”, and spoke about the times and events that would unfold around the world. Speaking of “The Times of the Holy Spirit”, Our Lady disclosed:

“I have constantly, in a veiled fashion, foretold these times. Very well, peoples of the earth, these times have arrived.”

“God the Son came in accordance with the will of the Father. Now it is the Spirit who will come into the world; and I have been sent so that this event will be prayed for.”

“The struggle is intense, it is hard, but on the condition that you all collaborate, the true Spirit will triumph.... Remember the first and principal commandment: Love. It contains all else.”


Garabandal, Spain


  At Garabandal, Spain in 1963, Our Lady of Mount Carmel made reference to Russia during a locution that Conchita experienced with Our Lord during the Mass on July 10, 1963. According to

Conchita, ”... And I said, “Why is the Miracle coming - to convert many people?” Our Lord answered: “To convert the whole world.” Then Conchita asked: “Will Russia be converted?” And Our Lord responded: “It will also be converted; and so, every one will love Our Hearts.”


  According to MariLoli, the Miracle will take place within one year after the Warning. MariLoli also said the Blessed Mother told her a time would come when it would look like the Church was finished, when Priests would have difficulty saying Mass and talking about holy things. When MariLoli asked Our Lady how this would happen, Our Lady called it “Communism.”


Medjugorje, Herzecovina


 At Medjugorje, Herzegovina in 1981 through today, Our Lady Queen of Peace has only mentioned Russia once and that is on October 1, 1981, when she said:

“With respect to Russia, it is the people where God will be most glorified. “The West has made civilization progress, but without God, as if they were their own creators.”




 There are many that say that the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary has been performed as Our Lady asked for it to be done beginning at Fatima, Portugal in 1917. But has it? There is not peace in the world and Russia continues to spread her errors throughout the world. So, it certainly appears doubtful that Our Lady’s requests have been satisfied.


 In the next two key references we will study in depth both the Consecration of Russia and the Errors of Russia. We’ll then let you decide for yourselves.

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